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S.O. Dubrovina, E.V. Kulchavenya, A.V. Shearing, O.A. Ardintseva

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Dubrovina S.O., Kulchavenya E.V., Shiring A.V., Ardintseva O.A. Genital tuberculosis. Questions

practical colposcopy. Genital infections. 2022; (3): 54–58.

DOI: 10.46393/27826392_2022_3_54


Tuberculosis is a disease with many forms and manifestations; it can affect any organ or tissue, with the exception of hair and nails. Physicians unfamiliar with extrapulmonary tuberculosis often overlook this disease. Urogenital tuberculosis is the second most common form of tuberculosis in countries with severe epidemic situations and the third most common form in regions with low incidence of tuberculosis. The term "urogenital tuberculosis" includes renal tuberculosis, male and female tuberculosis and urinary tract tuberculosis as a complication of renal tuberculosis. The article describes rare cases of placental tuberculosis in a young woman who suffered from genital tuberculosis, which was missed before birth, as well as tubo-ovarian tuberculoma and peritoneal tuberculosis.

Journal “Issues of practical colposcopy. Genital infections" No. 3_2022
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